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French Inspired

Our bar is stocked with classic apertifs, beers and

of course, great wines. 

"The  superb cuisine and relaxed style
of Parisian
is what we strive for
at Martel ."

Martin Levine

Owner, Martel 

Like most great restaurants, Martel embodies the vision of its owner, Marty Levine.  It is the culmination of his long history in the restaurant business,  owning a series of renowned and successful restaurants, like Breakaway and Pane Vino.

This experience, and his passion for good food, combined with his love of France, makes Martel the wonderful place to be that it is today.

Marty owns a home in the Dordogne region of France where he relishes, and is inspired by, the cuisine of the region.  His regular visits to the local bistros were
part of the inspiration for Martel. He "borrowed" the name Martel from a village
near his home.

Martel's  vibrant, lively atmosphere is like that of the best of the brasseries found
in all French cities.  It's a great spot to meet friends for a drink, dinner
and a great time…


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